Full Moon on May 23th

Full Moon on May 23th

Full Moon in Sagittarius on May 23, 2024.

A time when you can grow aware of the habits you have created and the emotions you have been holding onto, and face your fears about the future and what you cannot yet see.

It is difficult to face and let go of insecurities and fears, but by facing them, you can feel the light coming from within yourself. This leads to trust in yourself and hope for the future.

By exploring and understanding ourselves, and by being open-minded and open-minded to those around us, we will expand our opportunities and possibilities. This leads to further growth.

A seed given to you at birth. And like water and nourishment, I have been given, given to myself, and experienced. Let us take advantage of them and pause at the timing of this full moon to allow them to bloom beautifully, even in today's world that demands speed and constant movement.

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