Full Moon on March 25th

Full Moon on March 25th

The full moon in March as we wait for the cherry blossoms to bloom. Symbolizing love and beauty, the full moon in Libra reminds us of the importance of connecting with the things we love in life. It is the true beauty of human connection that we first connect with our own hearts and then feel a connection in our hearts with others, which leads to the development of compassion and love.

Our own strength to accept and acknowledge those who have different values from our own, and our compassion for others, leads us to cultivate a perspective that allows us to accept others and the ability to try to understand them.

In our daily lives, we interact with many people and are influenced a lot by outside stimuli. Just as we get inspiration and motivation from others, and share many things with them in ways we cannot see, let us remember that we are capable of giving many things to someone else.

Today, on the full moon, let us spend time being mindful not to lose sight of keeping our own foundation and balance in order to be in a relationship where we can give and be given something to others. Building a beautiful relationship doesn't start out of the blue either. You have to get yourself in the right state of mind now and be stable yourself. And first, we must be ready to accept those who are near us and try to develop a sense of respect for them within ourselves.

When we look at the many beings we are connected to, let's try to value them more for their motivation, their inspiration, and their nourishment for your daily life.

The moment when the temperature changes, the weather changes, and beautiful flowers bloom with the arrival of spring. That moment will not last forever. The beauty of the outside world can be noticed differently depending on how you perceive it at that moment. And while feeling the world that changes little by little, we can fully experience the beauty and compassion of the people we meet in the present moment.

Believe that the connection between the heart and the mind is invisible, but it is like a powerful and beautiful thread that allows us to grow.

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