Full Moon on January 26th

Full Moon on January 26th

The full moon in Leo is our leadership, strength and compassion. It is said to represent the energy of love. A time for us to find and further embrace what makes us shine the brightest. It is important for us to be compassionate, loving and kind to ourselves.

The first step in taking care of ourselves is to focus on the purest part of our heart, the truth. It begins with accepting all emotions as they are felt. We can take that first step by having the courage to look at our weaknesses and the strength to open up the parts of us that we have kept covered.

When we accept our emotions as they are, they turn into healing power for us and care for our hearts. The January full moon helps us to have courage and strength, and to be ready to accept it all with our natural love and compassion for ourselves. It prepares us to be ready.

On the 26th, the day of the Full Moon, I encourage you to take the time to listen to your own voice. Not to put yourself in an extraordinary situation, but to stop everything you are doing in your daily life, no matter how little time you have, even if it is only a few minutes, and take a deep breath. Try to feel a little of what you have been closing off in your mind and listen to those feelings and thoughts as you breathe. Instead of trying to achieve or create something big, let's remember the beauty and brilliance that we naturally have inside.

This is the first powerful day of the year. I would be honored to help you take a moment to listen to your heart.

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