Full Moon on February 24th

Full Moon on February 24th

The first day of spring in 2024 came half a month earlier than last year. The full moon in February, as we await the arrival of spring, is a time to sort out what we are holding onto once again and remember to be mindful and compassionate to ourselves.

While the new moon is a time to set goals and objectives, the full moon is a time for reflection and adjustment. If there is anything related to your lifestyle or work that is not progressing as per your ideals or expectations, this is an opportunity to stop and reassess. We cannot control every situation we put before us. In order to fulfill the role you have, accepting the times when you feel good and the times when you feel stagnant, and turning even the sometimes chaotic flow of time into your own personal progress, will lead you to a beautiful life.

If you are feeling a heaviness within yourself during this period, stop and consciously give yourself a break instead of continuing to move forward. Refrain from denying yourself, blaming yourself, or trying to trick yourself into continuing to work hard, and take some time to slow down. The fact that you feel tired and heavy is proof that you have been struggling to keep going.

Whatever feelings you are having right now, appreciate and praise yourself during this period. Create a space where you can heal yourself to the fullest. Think about the flow of healing time and enjoy the most relaxing for you, even though you are in the midst of your daily routine.

And when you look back at your habits for about two months in 2024, if any of them feel unnecessary, let go of them gracefully and make room for something new.

Having space and margin is important for being "Well-Being" (a comfortable and stable state of body and mind). There must be something you can notice because you are not filled up with space.

I wish everyone a wonderful February full moon as we await spring.

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