New Moon on June 18th

New Moon on June 18th

The new moon is the day of the new beginning of the phases of the moon - when the moon is at its darkest, sometimes referred to as the dark moon.

It takes two weeks from the new moon state to the full moon, gaining momentum with the light and preparing to shine strongly.

The New Moon represents a new beginning where seeds are sown for the future. When we want a beautiful flower to bloom, we must first sow the seed, and then carefully nurture the sprout that emerges from the seed; repeating this act over time, we will see a beautiful flower.

This journal is also a new start.

When you start something new, you need to clear your mind that is constantly moving every day and moment, create a blank space, and set yourself ready to accommodate new initiatives.

Reviewing the daily routine that you repeat as a matter of course is also an opportunity to create space within, and to prepare yourself ready f even if you don't take something in right now.

To make this happen, all you need to do is understand yourself and create the space to first acknowledge and forgive yourself. We need to have compassion for ourselves and prioritize "Well-Being" of mind and body. Let's make the most of this month’s New Moon to clarify what is necessary for us and what is not. It is difficult to suddenly let go of something, but we can start preparing to let go of it little by little. The accumulation of daily actions will become a ritual that will lead to a comfortable and balanced "Well-Being.

Try burning a incense that soothes you every day, write down what you want to let go of, or start some new action, even a small one, at the timing of the new moon. Join our New Journey and start some new action to find more Well-Being for yourself!

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