New Moon on July 18th

New Moon on July 18th

July's new moon is the first new moon of the second half of the year.
The New Moon is the starting day to charge towards the ew moon and to prepare to shine strong again. It’s the manifestation of a restart.

The New Moon in July occurs in Cancer, an emotional sign. Be aware of the start sign which has characteristics that protects you, your family, your emotions, your thoughts, and your mindset. Try to spend time with your family, friends, and other beings that are important to you on this New Moon.

You may choose to be the one who is closest to you for this time to feel the full power of the New Moon. Making time for yourself and your loved ones are both good ways to find "Well-Being" in the midst of serenity.

By stopping once again at this moment, we can connect the positive flow of 2023 to the second half of the year, and change the direction of the steering wheel if there is something we want to re-position ourselves for. This is a good time to make a fresh start and find tips to make the rest of 2023 meaningful.

Taking care of your body leads to taking care of your mind, and the small actions of daily life add up to great and important power. We believe that relaxing is the first step to unlocking your potential.

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