New Moon on August 16th

New Moon on August 16th

The new moon is a phenomenon in which the moon hides behind the sun and becomes invisible. Even with the severe heat of this summer, the night sky is giving us beautiful scenery that makes us forget the heat when we look up at it.

The new moon in August occurs in the constellation of Leo, which is said to be the sign of kings. The king is not the so-called king, but we ourselves. Let us remember once again that we are the ones who have the great nation called Me. What does it take to make a better country? What kind of country do we want to be? What kind of self do we want to be? It is important for you to know what you need to do to achieve this. The new moon in August is the right time to face yourself and start something new in order to produce yourself.

Refine your inner self, not your outer appearance, and work on, acknowledge, and value yourself. Stimulate the creativity that is uniquely yours.

To enrich your creativity, be intentional about your daily habits and routines and spend time each day using your senses. Scent can be an item that not only relaxes us, but also sometimes turns on the switch to work hard.

Let's enhance your creativity to lead a life that only you can lead with Pearl +.

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